Ashley Donovan

My name is Ashley Donovan and I am a senior nutrition student and aspiring Registered Dietitian. I found out about LeSash Nutrition & Health through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. As a student, I was required to shadow and work with a Registered Dietitian over the summer as an individualized study. Mrs. Baptiste took me under her wing and let me spend my entire summer with her to learn and gain some hands on nutrition experience. Working with Jennilyn was so much more than I could have imagined. As a nutrition student, I learned so much about community and private nutrition. I was able to go to community centers across the five boroughs and experience firsthand what it takes to be in community nutrition. I was also able to work in the private office and learn a lot about running a business. I was given the liberty to work on projects I was interested, while also being able to help with other tasks and projects to help further the business and promote nutrition information. Beyond just being a dietitian, Jennilyn was a mentor to me. She was always looking out for me and was protective of me like I was her own child. She taught me a lot about living in New York, life, and family. Working with her was such an educational and overall amazing experience.

Amanie A

"Having Ms. Baptiste as my nutritionist has enabled me to reach my health goals. She has taught me how to properly nourish my body and how to lead a healthy lifestyle. She was readily available for all my questions and concerns, paying close attention to my health struggles. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a well informed, thorough nutritionist " .